• I/  Production of a film based on interviews with family members, including additional services such us providing DVD copies etc. 
  • II/ Production of cinematic „Portraits of places” - your ancestral hometowns.
  • III/ Recording additional interviews and other footage of cultural heritage – providing raw unedited footage. 
  • In addition, we offer to organize roots trips or a sentimental journeys to places connected to your family's past, which would be registered on video.

Ad I/ Your standard order is for the production of 2 films.

FILM 1 – home-video for family viewing. 3 – 5 hours of footage from one or two days is edited into a 1hour film, with a soundtrack, archival materials and subtitles (at request).   

FILM 2 – Independent short documentary film. A 10 minute film prepared for public screenings and potential broadcast or festival entry (to be agreed on with the filmmakers). 

In addition, we offer making DVD copies with special DVD design, as well as the possibility of ordering original DVD cover design.  

Ad II/ Portraits of Places

A film which documents the hometown of a family member provides the opportunity to revisit places often beyond other family members' geographical reach.  We offer the possibility of filming a town or city and/or a personal journey to a specific place in Poland or its neighboring countries.  Our cameras will capture specific streets and buildings connected to your family's history, they will visit communal offices, religious communities databases, cemeteries. We will look for names and decipher inscriptions on tombstones and matzevahs. We will talk to the elderly inhabitants, we will search the archives, we will look for secrets. All this will create unique cinematic documentation – a portrait of a hometown. Please note that we don't perform genealogical research.

Ad III/ Cinematography for other film projects

We offer our cinematography skills to individuals and institutions or production companies. We can register footage of interviews, family reunions, anniversary celebrations, which can be used in other projects connected to cultural heritage and to one's personal family history.