Niebawem umrą ostatnie babki, które na własne oczy oglądały świat duchów. Oglądały z wiarą i spokojem, oczywiście z lękiem też. Żywa, istniejąca nadprzyrodzona rzeczywistość odejdzie wraz z nimi. 

Andrzej Stasiuk, Grochów, Wołowiec 2012


Our project offers to capture your family's past on film. The heart has its memory, as Albert Camus once wrote, but in modern times film can last longer than a heart.  Our offer is directed to all individuals and institutions, particularly those with a special emotional or cultural connection to Greater Poland: Poles, Jews, Belorussians, Ukrainians, and others interested in preserving the memory of their families' complex histories. 

We often realize just how little we really know about our own families, our ancestors, our roots, and only when we loose family members do we revisit the past, open up old closets, drawers, boxes, photo albums...
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